Our Team


Welcome aboard the Mothership

Meet our team of dedicated professionals who are fanatical about bringing Lonely Aliens vision to life. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table. We are all united in our goal of coordinating with the community, while executing on a high level. Suds and Lonelyboy were originally community members/ moderators of the project and as a result have a great feel for the overall direction of the brand. In addition, Lonely Aliens Community is one of the most resilient and experienced in all of web 3.

The Artist

Hazai's genesis piece, "It Was All a Dream," (click here to view Hazai's Editions) was the beginning of the Lonely Alien story. According to Hazai, "The art was a spin on how we imagine the stereotypical alien we have in our heads, but with a certain quirkiness and emotion. 

The whole vibe was to have this club that was goofy, degenerate, and high-tech. In addition, these aliens have split apart, while in search of coming back together... hence the Lonely."

Hazai later went on to create the Lonely Planet Space Observatory which was a free claim to all Lonely Aliens holders.
Crown 4856

High Council

The High Council is a special role we give to certain discord members that are the most active and have contributed to Lonely Aliens in some capacity.

Currently, we're exploring ways to rebrand it into an advisory board and are looking for members who can assist in an advisory capacity to help take Lonely Aliens to the next level. If you feel you have a certain skill set or have connections that would enable Lonely Aliens to grow, message us!
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