Lonely Aliens

Alien Sketch
The genesis piece and inspiration by Hazai.


Launched in July 2021, The Lonely Aliens is known as the “OG” Alien NFT. These PFPs by the Artist, Hazai, imagine the quintessential alien with a unique and emotional spin. The generative system used by Hazai was a work of art on its own forming a collection that is highly unique and aesthetic.

The Lore

Originally, Lonely Aliens were scattered across the universe only to be reunited by becoming “minted” and then beamed back to “The Mothership.” Since then, the Lonely Aliens have embarked on a mining mission to obtain a radioactive “Space Ore” that will power The Mothership but especially their future high-powered tech.

Project Buyout

The Lonely Aliens was bought out in July of 2022 and is now run by former moderators/community members who have forged a strong team.

IP Potential

As mentioned above, Lonely Aliens was one of the first Alien NFT projects cemented on the Ethereum Blockchain. This combined with Hazai’s rendition of the stereotypical alien has led to many recognizing Lonely Aliens as significant in the web3 space. Lonely Aliens aims to be a relevant brand not only in web3 but appealing to all.
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